Subarashii Kamen Rider Gathering~!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sorry for the lack of blog update!
Hope goshujin-sama and ojou-sama can forgive us Kirameki Staffs~ >.<;;
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It's the year 2011 already~ The year of Rabbit~
And now it's mid January already~!
Christmas and new year had passed,
Are goshujin-sama and ojou-sama doing well? ^-^

Here's a photo of us during the New Year~ >w<

And of course the recent Kamen Rider gathering that happened last Sunday~!
Whole day without electricity but everyone stays until the cafe closes~
Goshujin-sama and Rider-tachi's support has made us cried~ (泣) T.T

Some special menu that was served specially for the Kamen Rider gathering:

DenLiner's Fried Rice~ ^o^

Really looking forward for more events and gatherings like this!
Goshujin-sama and ojou-sama can suggest some ideas if there are any gatherings you would like to be made at Kirameki~! >v<

Till then~!
Mata ne~ ♥

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